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Adonis Sweden is the option for you when you want broad and experienced expertise. With us you can get help with everything from wrinkles to thin hair growth. No matter why you have turned to us, you want to guarantee that you are in safe hands. Overall, our staff has many years of experience in medical procedures and has performed many treatments in their respective fields.

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What do people think of us?

  • Wow, what results. Is super happy with the receptions and how everything was finished. Thank you Shilan and the gang who made me make this decision.

    Rihad Nicni
  • Contacted Shilan because I wanted fuller lips, and it didn't take long before I felt at home and welcome. Everything went smoothly and it was a warm welcome from their side. Thank you Adonis Sweden!

    Johanna Frisk
  • I started to lose hair at an early age and have always been uncertain, therefore I have been walking around with caps and such. But I now felt that it was time to grab this, after a network meeting I thought Adonis Sweden were the ones I should turn to. We sat down and discussed how everything would go and then we drove. I am super happy and I can really recommend this bunch!

    Josef Balin

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We love to have contact with our customers. No matter what question or foundation you have, we can reach 24 / 7. You have the opportunity to email or call us at the contact details below.

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